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Mi 18W Fast Charge Power Bank 3

Classic Design Becoming Even More Advanced
18W Fast Charge | Dual Port Inlet/Outlet | Lithium Ion Polymer Battery

Suitable for air travel*

18W Dual Port Inlet
Upgraded self-charging experience

Dual port for both Micro-USB and USB-C.
Maximum input power as high as 18W;
Self-charging can be completed in 4 hours*.

18W dual port output, ensuring more efficient fast charging

Dual USB-A output interface capable of charging two devices at the same time. Supports 18W MAX fast charging with single port and offers more convenient fast charging experience.

High 10000mAh capacity

The high 10000mAh capacity is enough for multiple charges for one device*, satisfying your whole-day charging needs.

  • 1.9times
    Charging for Mi 9
  • 1.6times
    Charging for Mi 9T Pro
  • 2.2times
    Charging for iPhone XS

Single cable for both charging and self-charging

With the Micro-USB cable included in the package or your own USB-C cable, you can readily charge Android devices or self-charge the power bank.

*Dedicated cable may be needed to charge Apple devices

Available in two colours

Silver and black; simple yet modern.

Aluminium alloy metal cover

Super high structural strength withstands falls and bumps.

LED battery indicator

View battery status at a glance and know the usage at any time.

Easy-to-use small current charging function

Tap the “Check Battery” button twice to switch into
small current charging mode to charge small current
devices such as Mi Bluetooth Headset, Mi Smart Band, etc.*

Mi Bluetooth Headset

Mi Smart Band

More protection, enhanced safety

The high precision resistance, inductance, and capacitance components and high quality lithium polymer battery can easily tackle overcharging, over-discharging, overheating, short circuits and other faults, offering multiple protection for both the power bank and the devices.

  • Temperature protection

    Uses thermistor and temperature regulation mechanism to ensure the battery works within the safe temperature range.

  • Short circuit protection

    Automatically protects the main board and battery from damage in case of abnormal short circuits.

  • Reset protection

    Added circuit rest function. In case of faults preventing the power bank from working properly, you can tap the “Check Battery” button to recover.

  • Input overvoltage protection

    The OVP circuit can prevent input overvoltage to avoid damages to the back-end circuits.

  • Reverse charging protection

    If the cable and the Micro-USB port are reversely plugged, the circuit will automatically shut down to protect the charging device.

  • Output overcurrent protection

    Smart detection of output current when necessary. If the output current exceeds the upper limit, the output will automatically be shut down to protect the charging device.

  • Output overvoltage protection

    Smart detection of output voltage when necessary. If the output voltage exceeds the upper limit, the output will automatically be shut down to protect the device that is being charged.

  • Overcharge and over discharge protection

    Added dedicated battery protection components to effectively prevent the battery from overcharging and over-discharging and avoid damages to the battery.

  • Hardware-level overvoltage short circuit protection

    Detects the overvoltage short circuit status of the battery at hardware level and responds quickly to break the current circuit and effectively protect the battery safety.

In accordance with international aviation standards: single portable charging device with a capability of less than 100Wh, passed UN38.3 testing.
Test reports from the China Electronic Standardization Institute (CESI) laboratories; Report no.: S19-B0961-1.
Self-charging in four hours: the power bank is tested according to its rated capacity; the test method is GB/T35590 which fully discharges the power bank and places it in idle status for 30 minutes; standard fast charging is used (18W or higher QC fast-charging adapter is required).
10000mAh high capacity: At full capacity, 10000mAh Mi 18W Fast Charge Power Bank 3 can charge one device multiple times.
Small current devices: 10000mAh Mi 18W Fast Charge Power Bank 3 also supports small current charging for Bluetooth headsets and smart bands by brands other than Xiaomi.
All data without special notes consists of measured values from ZIMI labs. The data may vary subject to environmental changes.

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